Adolescent Sexual Health Fact Sheets

EyesOpenIowa’s  Adolescent Sexual Fact Sheets are a broad-ranging summary of data covering the sexual health and health-related behaviors of Iowa’s adolescents ages 15-19 years. Both county and our state as a whole data are available below:

State Data:

EyesOpenIowa is pleased to present our 2016 State of Iowa Adolescent Sexual Health Sheet. Please click here to view the state of Iowa document.

County Data:

The 99 individual county information can be accessed by clicking on the map to the right and rolling over the county you would like to view.

Comparing the data:

For an explanation on how the Fact Sheets compare to the Iowa Department of Health Data, please click here.



Fact Sheet

Access your county's fact sheet or find a CAPP grantee or family planning clinic near you!