On-Demand Trainings


On-Demand Trainings

At EyesOpenIowa we understand how important continued education is and know that time and travel can often be a hindrance to receiving up-to-date information. To combat these challenges we have developed On-Demand Training. That’s right, training anytime and anyplace! It’s quite simple, choose from our menu of trainings, find the one you like, click on the link to register, then you’ll be sent an email with a link and passcode to view the training of your choice.

Highlighted rotating webinar (available until October 9, 2017):
Sarahah…Wuh? What It Is and What We Need to Know

This webinar will focus on two apps rising in popularity: Sarahah and tbh. It will look specifically at how these apps work, how they are currently being used by teens, any potential outcomes to be aware of due to teen use and how to address those outcomes, and more! To register, please click here.

Other On-Demand Trainings:
1. ABC’s of Alcohol, Drugs & Sexual Health

Molly, K2, Robo-tripping, Sani-tripping? It’s hard to keep up with the never ending list of new drug trends! Through this webinar participants will learn about teen drug and alcohol trends for Iowa youth, and how those trends affect adolescent sexual health. We will take a look at some of the most popular substances teens are using, how they are using those substances and effects of those substances. We will also look at how substance use affects decision making particularly with sexual health. This webinar will also discuss FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) and its effects on babies. To register, please click here.

2.  Classroom Management and Session Planning

Ever leave a classroom thinking, “Did they hear anything I just said?” “Was anyone paying attention?” This webinar will give you some easy to use tips for classroom management and improve your teaching style. We will also go over session planning on how to get the most out of the limited time you have. Join this fast paced webinar and get on the right track for the upcoming school year! To register click here.

3.  Creating School and Community Organization Partnerships

This webinar will discuss ways to partner with schools, why those partnerships work and don’t. We will also discuss the art of follow-up without being annoying! This webinar will give tips for how to handle an agency or school that doesn’t want to partner. To register click here.

4.   Sexting, Texting & Media

From websites and apps to TV and music this training will give an overview of various types of media and how they affect adolescent sexual health. Learn about the latest teen technology fads and how we can support teens to make healthy decisions around social media and technology. To register click here.

Looking for something you don’t see? No worries! Contact our Training & Education Coordinator, Emily Miller, at Emily@eyesopeniowa.org or 515.276.6788 and we will work to meet your needs.


Disclaimer: Please note that webinars are on-demand and have been prerecorded. By registering for this webinar you agree to use this training for personal professional development only and will not share, authorize, permit or otherwise make accessible to others. Please note that EyesOpenIowa, at any time, without notification has the right to terminate, cancel, suspend, discontinue or shut-off any on-demand training or participant’s ability to participate in trainings. EyesOpenIowa will not provide refunds for on-demand trainings.

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