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Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) Program


Since 1987, the Iowa Legislature has appropriated state funding to support teen pregnancy prevention programs and services to pregnant and parenting teens. This program is called the Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program or CAPP. Currently, 19 grantee sites across the state provide CAPP services in 56 counties and 125 school districts.Trained health educators provide age appropriate teen pregnancy prevention education to middle and high schools, community organizations, faith communities, after-school programs, parent groups, and many others.

Have additional questions? Contact the CAPP Director, Shari Stucker.

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WISE Iowa Project – Working to Institutionalize Sex Ed

wise_iowa_logoThe goal of the WISE Iowa Project is to increase Iowa school districts’ sustainable implementation of effective comprehensive sex education that complies with the state of Iowa’s mandate. Iowa is one of 11 states to receive this important funding. Learn how your school can get involved in improving the sexual health education of Iowa students.

Have additional questions? Contact the WISE Team.

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Talking Sex Together™ (TxT) Campaign

This program uses mobile networks and social media to foster two-way communication with teens ages 13-19 about safe sex and sexual health. Teens can subscribe to the TxT program and opt in to receive text messages each Friday with facts, quizzes, polls and thought starters related to sexual health. On the opposite Friday teens can submit a question to the text message hotline. The questions submitted to the text message hotline will be responded by “TxTina”, a trained health educator. These responses are instant, anonymous and accurate answers and provide a risk-free outlet and private channel to address important sexual health questions/issues, which may otherwise go unanswered.

Have additional questions? See the TxT website at www.AskTxTina.com or contact the Community and School Engagement Coordinator, Kelley Skerik.

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Peer Advocates for Safer Sex (PASS)

pass logoThe PASS program is the  pilot for a national movement which trains college Resident Assistants (RAs) to serve as Sexual Health Educators. Peer Advocates for Safer Sex will install seamless programming around pregnancy and STD prevention, sex education, consent and sexual assault prevention. This program is available at no cost to schools. College students can apply to be on the Student Advisory Panel, which allows them to be a part of installing this programming  on college campuses in Iowa.

Please contact Kristin Fairholm, Executive Director, for additional information or any questions you may have.

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Evidence Based Curricula

EyesOpenIowa-logo-aboutusEvidence based programs for teen pregnancy prevention have been proven through strict evaluation to reduce teenage pregnancy, behavioral risks underlying teenage pregnancy, or other associated risk factors among teens age 19 and younger. The Iowa Department of Education provides a list of curricula that is evidence-based and can be expected to produce positive results consistently. Schools and school districts may use these curricula options to update their human growth and development lessons.  This list will be reviewed/updated on an annual basis by the Department of Education.

If you have additional questions, please contact the EyesOpenIowa office.

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Fact Sheet

Access your county's fact sheet or find a CAPP grantee or family planning clinic near you!