Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) Grant Program

What is the CAPP Grant Program?

capp-logoThe state of Iowa has a long history of commitment to teen pregnancy prevention and services to pregnant and parenting teens. In 1987, Governor Terry Branstad brought together a broad-based group of key legislators, policy makers, service organization representatives, customers, and citizens to determine the top five problem areas facing Iowa in the future. One of the five identified was teen pregnancy. Based on recommendations from this group the Iowa Legislature appropriated $500,000 in state dollars to The Department of Human Services (DHS) for an adolescent pregnancy prevention project. The program is now called the Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program or CAPP.

Who is involved?

Currently, 19 grantee sites across the state provide services in at least a portion of over 56 counties in Iowa. The coalitions collaborate with schools, churches, businesses, youth and their families to provide medically accurate and age appropriate programming which is comprehensive and promotes sexual health and responsible decision making.

  • Statewide Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Media Campaign
  • Statewide Cross-site Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Evaluation
  • Statewide Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition

What strategies are used to prevent teen pregnancy?

The centerpiece of the CAPP Grant Program is a provision for community-based grantees to implement an evidence-based pregnancy prevention curriculum within a middle or high school or a youth servicing organization.

Each curriculum listed below utilizes the 17 Characteristics of Effective Curriculum-Based Programs, described in Emerging Answers 2007, in its design and implementation; has been rigorously evaluated to show positive changes in teen sexual behaviors; and, is included on at least two of the lists of recommended evidence-based programs available to practitioners in the field of adolescent pregnancy prevention.

Click here to view the evidence based curricula approved by the Iowa Department of Education and for use in the CAPP program.

How can I learn more?

CAPP BrochureFor information on the CAPP Grant Program, contact CAPP Grant Director Shari Stucker at

To download the CAPP brochure, click here.



*ETR Associates has created Program Adaptation Kits that identify core content, core pedagogical, and core implementation components for these curricula. These kits include tables that describe green, yellow, and red light adaptations for the curricula. Available at

Fact Sheet

Access your county's fact sheet or find a CAPP grantee or family planning clinic near you!