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WISE Across the Country

In 2009, the Grove, Ford, William and Flora Hewlett, and David and Lucile Packard Foundations launched the two-year WISE Initiative to provide
focused funding to seven states and localities where there was a favorable policy climate and where a public-private collaborative was poised to
significantly and sustainably improve Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE)
programming in K-12 public schools. To date there are 1
1 states involved in WISE including  California, Washington, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, Nebraska and New York. Click here to view a map of the different locations.

What if my school needs help with our Human Growth & Development policy?

To view an example of a Human Growth and Development policy for Elementary,
Junior High  and High School students.

To view an example of a letter to parents about implementation of sexual health curricula in
the junior high school, please click here.

To view an example of a letter to parents about the teaching human growth and development
topics for 7th graders, click here.

To view the state of Iowa’s Human Growth and Development policy 279.50, please click here.


Read Danene Soraces’ Addressing Sexual Health in Schools: Policy Considerations


How can my school get started?

Participating schools will be led through the process utilizing of a framework developed through the
national WISE Project. Each school district will move through the  five phases at their own pace based on the needs of their school system and each completion date will be different. Each individual project has selected one or more phase (s) to focus their efforts based on the climate of their state and the work
already completed. The site outlines each of these phases in more detail.
Click here to view the WISE Iowa flowsheet.

What tools are available for teachers?

The goal of the National Sexuality Education Standards is to provide clear, consistent and straightforward guidance on the essential minimum, core content for sexuality education that is developmentally and age-appropriate for students in grades K–12. Please click here to view our Evidence Based Curricula section of our website to find curricula mapped to the National Sexual Education Standards.

The National Teacher Preparation Standards were designed for use by Institutes of Higher Education with teacher preparatory programs in Health Education or Physical Education. Departments of Health and Physical Education can use these standards to improve the sexuality education-related course
content they offer or require for graduation by health- and physical education teacher candidates. With
these standards, teacher-preparation programs will be able to guide curriculum, instruction, and
assessment decisions among their undergraduate students who will eventually be responsible for
teaching sexuality education.

FoSE (Future of Sex Education) has created an option for a curricula mapping template, please click
here to view.

Topic related toolkits for School Personnel:

Teacher Guide- Teaching Sexual Health to Students with Special Needs
Puberty Guide for grades K-12
Gender Spectrum – Back to School Toolkit
“Just the Facts” about Sexual Orientation and Youth
Responding to Name Calling “Zero Indifference”
How to be An Effective Ally
Schools-in-Transition.Supporting Students that are Transitioning

How will our school know which curriculum to pick?

EyesOpenIowa offers programming which includes Iowa Department of Education approved curriculum. To view detailed information about these, please click here. The decision is not an easy one and with all of the different options,  our WISE staff would be happy to help in this selection process.  Please contact the WISE team or we can be reached at 515.276.6788.


The ETR Associates website offers an at a glance comparison of the different Evidence Based Programs, please click here to view the best curriculum for your school.


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