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The What’s Where on Iowa resources:

At EyesOpenIowa, we are firm believers in supporting all parents and have made available some support and services below that you can access in the state of Iowa. If you are a teen mom, dad or expecting a baby, this may make your life a different kind of journey. It is important to have the assistance you need. You have a very important job and we wish you success in all your future plans!


Pregnant & Parenting Students’ Rights as Students:

This Toolkit outlines the Title IX requirements schools must follow and actions students can take when faced with discriminatory practices. Title IX requires schools to accommodate pregnant and parenting students, but students often need help understanding their rights. The topics that are included are: a summary of the pregnant and parenting students’ rights under Title IX,  FAQs on mandatory accommodations, FAQs on breastfeeding on campus, avenues to filing complaints with the U.S. Department of Education, an action agenda to help students report discrimination to university officials, and government resources and assistance for low-income parents.  Know your rights under Title IX. For the toolkit, click here.