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Talking Sex Together Campaign

Most teens want to talk to adults about sex about as much as they want to go to summer school.

Asking questions during class in front of peers is intimidating and
embarrassing. So where can they turn for information? The Talking Sex Together (TxT) program is the first free service in Iowa to use weekly text messages to alert Iowa teens to ways to practice safe sex or choose

Be sure to view Big Status Update, the Talking Sex Together’s public service announcement. There are classroom discussion questions and directions document that accompany the video as well.

Jeremy’s Story is the follow up public service announcement to Big Status Update. This video addresses teen pregnancy from the teen father’s perspective. There are classroom discussion questions and directions document as well.


How does it work?

Talking Sex Together (TxT) uses mobile networks and social media (Snapchat) to foster two-way communication with teens about safe sex and sexual health. Teens subscribe to the TxT program by texting “Tina” to 877877 and are then opted-in to receive weekly text messages each Friday with facts, quizzes, polls and thought starters related to sexual health on the second and fourth Friday of the month.

On the first and third Friday (from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm) of each month, teens also have the opportunity to submit questions to the text resource line to receive instant, confidential and accurate answers from TxTina®, a trained health educator. This textline provides a risk-free outlet and private channel to
address important sexual health questions/issues, which may otherwise go unanswered or be answered incorrectly.


Sample Texts


Txt: True or false? It is okay to use a condom that is sticky, gummy, tacky, dry or brittle when coming out of the condom packaging.

April 2018 Hotline Results:

April TxT Participation by Area Code

Hotline Poll:


Caregiver Involvement:

Family values are important! Nine out of ten teens report that they want more information about sex and would prefer to learn from their parents. Need helpful hints to start the conversation or ways you can initiate the “talk” and keep the conversation going, check out our TxT website.  We love having parents involved in the program. To sign up for our Adult Advocate newsletter, email us

TxT is available for your organization:


The Talking Sex Together service is available for implementation in your agency. The TxT staff can assist you in launching the service, creating protocol and providing a TxTina® health educator. Our dedicated team will provide initial and ongoing technical support as well. We have eight years of successful implementation to bring to the table. We will handle everything for you! If you would like further details on purchasing this service, please contact Kristin Fairholm.


For more information visit the program website or follow the program on Snapchat. We welcome your feedback!


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Help save AskTxTina! 

AskTxTina has helped teens for the past eight years to get honest, reliable and medically accurate answers to their questions, so they don’t have to ask Google. Tina provides facts and learning in areas of sexual health and healthy relationships that are vital to the development of young people. They need someone they can trust and confidentially ask their questions. Tina reaches teens where they are at via texting and Snapchat and Tina receives on average hundreds of questions per month. 

 Over 7,000 teens have come to rely on Tina for her honest answers. She guides them to resources in their area and helps them navigate challenging dilemmas they are facing.

Sadly, Tina’s funding has been cut.  EyesOpenIowa believes strongly in this program and we have been working hard to find replacement funding. In the meantime, it is our hope that with your help, we can keep her available for the teens that count on her. Will you help us reach our goal?


If you didn’t receive proper sexual health education as a teen, won’t you help give it to the teens in your life? Donate today here on our website or via our Facebook Fundraiser.For more information visit