How We Help and What We Are Committed To

EyesOpenIowa is committed to ensuring healthy adolescent sexual health. EOI believes we have a responsibility to equip young people with knowledge and skills that can help them navigate their development well. As part of our mission, EyesOpenIowa is committed to providing schools, families, caregivers, professionals, and communities with knowledge and skills to help them prepare their teens for a lifetime of reproductive health.

EOI works with communities throughout Iowa and has seen, how, with the right tools, these communities are able to support young people in navigating decisions about sex and relationships.

“Where do babies come from?”

“I want to go on birth control.”

“Help! I have to teach sex ed next semester!”

EyesOpenIowa knows these can be awkward conversations to have and you are in the right place! Start here with our website and explore our resources. Call us or email us. Invite us to provide a training for your group or organization. So whether you are a teacher, therapist, or a caregiver raising your grandchild, EOI is here to help!

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