Introducing the Peer Advocates for Safer Sex Program (PASS)!


EyesOpenIowa is excited to announce the pilot for a national movement: the PASS (Peer Advocates for Safer Sex) Program!

EyesOpenIowa has been chosen to receive an innovative grant which will provide the installment of programming around pregnancy and STD prevention, sex education, consent, and sexual assault prevention for Resident Assistants (RAs). RAs have direct access to first year students and individuals in crisis. They interact with students from many cultural backgrounds and those with little or no sexual health knowledge.

Therefore, the goal of PASS is to train RAs to serve as sexual health educators. In doing so, Iowa campuses can lower the rates of unintended pregnancies and reduce the number of STDs. PASS will also decrease the rates of sexual assault through prevention and consent education.

EyesOpenIowa and the PASS program are excited to empower students and campuses across Iowa through comprehensive, medically-based sexual health education.