Important message from Kristin Fairholm, EOI Executive Director.

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Dear CAPP Grantees and Partners,

In February 2018, EyesOpenIowa (EOI) board and staff decided to not reapply for the Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) administrative contract that we have held for the last twelve years. The Iowa Department of Human Services issued a new competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) that made a radical shift in CAPP program structure, approach, and priorities. This shift in priorities ignores the years of successful outcomes, is unnecessary and departs from best practices in sexual health for Iowa’s youth. After careful review, questions to DHS and working through the RFP process, EOI determined that we could not support the new direction as the administrator of the program and that our time and resources would be best spent by building on our other programming and services.

EOI is a statewide and national leader, respected for our sexual health training, technical assistance, and advocacy work. EOI remains strong and will not be going anywhere in fact, we have already begun expansion into Illinois with our WISE work and nationally with our training programs. The other programs that EOI operates, including WISE, TxTina, PASS, and the Pregnant and Parenting Teen project and advocacy will continue without interruption as will our Sex Ed Academy and Sexual Health Educator certification program. EOI will also continue to convene the Midwest’s only annual adolescent sexual health focused conference and are excited to share that this year’s event, Ripples Affect, will be held on September 25-26. EOI will also continue to provide top notch CAPP services until our contract expires on June 30th , 2018. In short, EOI will remain your go to resource and training academy for adolescent sexual health in Iowa.

Recognized nationally for our certification program and training around adolescent sexual health, EOI staff serve on many national workgroups and committees. We work closely with national partners to help guide what is best for young people. We will remain a vocal partner both nationally and in Iowa as we continue to support educators, school districts, and parents and to advocate for young people.

We care deeply about sexual health for all young people and for supporting the adults who provide these services. We have already begun to expand our work and will keep the supports that you have come to rely on readily available. Our mission will continue to focus on science-based and national best practices and what works best for young people. 

While there may be challenges as we move forward without state funding, we are prepared, and we will be unveiling our new business plan soon that will help make services affordable and accessible for all those who need them. 

It has been our privilege to be a part of CAPP since its inception and we very proud of the impact, in partnership with all CAPP grantees, that CAPP has made in thousands of Iowa teens’ and families’ lives. We have had the pleasure of working with many dedicated, knowledgeable, passionate educators across the state who are committed to ensuring that teens are well-equipped to make healthy and informed choices. Thank you to all our local CAPP partners who have built this program into what it is today. We will continue to root for you and support you as you navigate through the changing landscape. At EyesOpenIowa, we will continue to work towards ensuring that all of Iowa’s youth receive the sexual health information that they deserve. 

Thank you for all you do for young people! Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you have.


Kristin Fairholm

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